Best Toys to Buy for Your 6 to 12 Months Old Baby in Australia

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Disclaimer: I'm an Amazon affiliate. This means if you snag a purchase, Amazon might toss me a coin or two all while keeping your wallet intact.

Amazon Prime's speedy same day or next day delivery is my lifeline. And Amazon's got it's share of steals. But if you have the time and energy to shop around, you might find some of these toys at your local shops as well. Happy hunting!

So your baby has turned 6 months and you’re looking for new toys to entertain them. This is a fun age, babies are more inquisitive and they start becoming more mobile. They are still very into sensory toys. Everything they can grab is fair game and goes straight in their mouth. At 6 months babies start to perceive the relationship between objects and people, This includes the relationship between objects, inside, on top of, over, underneath, and in between. By learning these relationships, they start to understand simple cause and effect. The toys I chose in the list below all consider these developmental milestones and will help your baby hone these skills.
Some of the toys I mention may be labeled for a higher age range. The age range is just a rough guide. For these toys, supervise your baby when you first introduce them and use your own judgment to see if it is developmentally appropriate and safe for your baby.
Now let me spill the beans on the must-have toys that will not only keep your baby entertained but might also score you some precious moments of peace. And because we’re in the business of making your life easier, we’ve sprinkled in some magic links for your one-click shopping delight. Let us commence!

UFO Interactive Toy

If you read my must have toys for 3 to 6 months, you have also seen this one there. In the 3 to 6 months age, babies will mostly chew on the silicon strings and enjoy the different textures it has to offer. After around 6 months, they start exploring it in different ways.

They learn about cause and effect through pulling the strings in and out, popping the holes and sliding the button. My bub loves it. I like to take it with me on long car and pram rides to entertain baby.

Spinner Toys

Spinner toys are another great cause and effect toy. And another all rounder that’s great for car and plane rides to keep your baby entertained.

If your baby isn’t sitting yet, you can use them for tummy time to encourage baby to pull and spin the spinners. After they start learning to sit, you can connect it to the wall or mirror to encourage them to keep their back straight and strengthen their core and back.

And let’s not forget bath time. Stick it to the tub or shower wall and watch your baby squeal with happiness and toy spin it around.

Shapes Sensory Bin

These shape sorting sensory bins develop children’s fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and cognitive skills. What else do you want in a toy?! 😀

Stacking Toys

Stacking toys are a way to help babies learn to balance. Babies need to control the movement of their hands, legs, head and body to be able to stack the toys.

You can help babies language skills by counting, pointing out the colours and talking about what you’re doing to the rings.

“The ring is on my head!”

“The ring fell down.”

“stack it up, stack it up.”

“Ring goes in the pole.”

 I use the plastic one for playful tosses, even placing it atop our heads, delighting in its descent. 

My baby loves banging the wooden rings on the floorboard and other surfaces to hear the different sounds it produces. 

The ball on top of the wooden one is a cherry on top :D. He tries to put it in his mouth, when it slips away from him, he crawls to the ends of the earth to retrieve it.

Sensory Balls

At 6 to 12 months, the world of sensory balls becomes a mini playground for your little one. Whether they’re perfecting their push-ups, embarking on epic crawls, or simply practicing the fine art of rolling, these balls are more than just playthings—they’re developmental dynamos! Watching babies try to nab balls as they skitter away? Pure comedic gold.

Opt for balls with grippy textures, and you’re not just ensuring a solid sensory experience; you’re also setting the stage for some fine motor mastery. Around the 6-month mark, get ready for a show: your baby might shake it like a maraca, give it a floorboard drumroll, or (brace yourself) even attempt a throw! Ah, the joys of baby athleticism and aim! 😄🏀 

The OballManhattan Click Clack BallSassy Bumpy Baby Ball and CaaOchoo Rainbow Sensory Ball are great sensory balls for babies 6 to 12 months old.

Bonus: You can get a toy bundle for babies 6 to 12 months that has most of the toys mentioned here. 

And there you have it—the secret weapons to turn your 6-12 month adventure into a symphony of giggles, splashes, and sensory wonders. Click away on those enchanted links, and let the playtime festivities begin. Because, let’s face it, a happy baby is a happy parent, and a happy parent is one who has successfully outsourced entertainment to a few well-chosen toys. Happy playing!

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